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Our Volunteers Make An Impact

Vicki the Volunteering Champion


Vicki Hill has been involved with OneCare’s Launceston facility, The Manor, for over 20 years. She began as a cleaner and when she retired, began volunteering and continues to this day!

Vicki recalls some of her fondest memories of volunteering with OneCare, including a variety of activities which brought smiles to the residents’ faces. During her many years at The Manor, she has enjoyed dressing up as a bunny rabbit at Easter and distributing eggs, running Melbourne Cup race days, decorating for Halloween and holding fashion parades to entertain residents.

Vicki finds great joy in her service and relationships with residents and their families. During the COVID shutdown period, she deeply missed the interactions and friendships which bring her so much happiness and fulfilment.

Today, you can find Vicki by listening for the tinkling bells of an ice cream truck. If you follow the music, you’ll find her pushing a tiny ice cream cart down the halls, distributing frozen treats to residents, staff and visitors. She also helps run the kiosk, raising needed funds to provide many important upgrades for the facility.

We thank Vicki and all of our volunteers for their selfless service and generosity.

Interested in joining us? Read on below to find out more about volunteering with OneCare!

We’re always looking for passionate people who want to make a difference in the lives of our residents and staff.

Why volunteer?

People volunteer for all kinds of reasons. They may want to help their community, broaden their social experience, have the chance to make a positive difference, or to gain work experience. Volunteers can be all ages, from varied backgrounds and with a variety of interests.

Volunteers make a positive impact on Tasmanians every day at OneCare and we strongly believe our connections with local communities are an important part of ensuring quality of life for our residents.

What can I do?

OneCare volunteers have the opportunity to support our residents and staff in a range of ways. Depending on your interests and skills, your day may involve helping clients with their weekly shopping, washing or ironing, running errands, gardening or bus driving.

You’ll also have the chance to support residents in our Lifestyle and Leisure Programs, which can include craft, music, discussion groups, games or outings.

Often, volunteering is as simple and important as taking the time to go for a stroll with someone and have a chat.

How do I volunteer?

We’re also looking for passionate people to contribute as we continue to foster an environment that promotes and sustains effective volunteering.

We make every effort to match your skills and interests with those of our residents, to encourage a compatible, enjoyable and meaningful experience for everyone.

Contact us today to find out more about volunteering at OneCare.

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