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You will have heard that Hobart and Southern Tasmania will no longer be in lockdown as of 6:00pm on Monday 18 October. However, out of an abundance of caution, the Government has mandated that increased COVID restrictions will continue to apply in aged care facilities for the rest of this week.
This means that the existing restrictions will continue to apply until the evening of Friday 22 October. Our staff will continue to support and care for all our residents during this time, while wearing appropriate PPE. We really appreciate your support in complying with the visitation rules.
As per the Government mandate, general visitors will not be permitted in our facilities during this week.
The only permitted visitors in Residential aged care facilities will be if:
• A person is a resident
• The person is employed or engaged by the facility
• The person is providing goods or services necessary for the operation of the facility
• The person is providing goods or services to a resident
• A person is providing end of life support for a resident at the facility
• It is an emergency
• A person is providing support to a resident who is suffering from dementia or similar condition and the person is required by the operator of the facility to assist in reducing distress or confusion in the resident
More general information on the lockdown can be accessed via the government website here:…/lockdown-measures

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact Barossa Park Lodge reception on 6208 0800 or Bishop Davies Court reception on (03) 6283 1100


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