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OneCare Limited is currently working with the Tasmania’s Aged Care Emergency Operations Centre, after receiving confirmation that a resident at Rubicon Grove has tested positive for COVID-19.

The resident has been isolating in their room since becoming unwell and staff have used full PPE when delivering care.

As a result, and at the direction of ACEOC, Rubicon Grove has been placed into lockdown effectively immediately.

Consequently, visitors will be restricted to those:

  • providing end of life support for a resident at the facility.
  • providing support to a resident who is suffering from dementia or similar condition and the person is required by the operator of the facility to assist in reducing distress or confusion in the resident.

OneCare’s first priority is to protect its resident community and staff at Rubicon Grove, with clinical and management teams taking immediate steps to rule out any further risk of exposure.

We want to assure our residents and their families that we take this matter extremely seriously and we are doing everything we possibly can to eliminate any further risk to our residents.

Deep cleaning of the site is underway, and all residents and staff will be tested in the coming days.

These actions are on top of other precautionary measures already in place at OneCare’s facilities, in line with Government requirements.

In the interest of transparency, we will maintain regular contact with our residents’ families to update them about their loved one’s health, especially as we receive the results from testing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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