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Dear Residents and Families,

We would like to provide you with an update on the COVID-19 situation at Rubicon Grove including changes to visitor access for Mother’s Day.

To date, there are 2 (two) residents who have tested positive for COVID-19:

  • 1 in the Blue Gum Wing
  • 1 in the Shea Oak Wing

No other residents have tested positive to COVID-19 today.

As such, we are able to welcome a limited number of visitors back. We appreciate this is particularly important for families celebrating Mother’s Day. From 9.00 am, Saturday 7 May, the following precautions will be in place:

Tea Tree and Blackwood Wings

  • Staff and visitors will continue to wear PPE (P2/N95 mask and eye goggles) at all times.
  • Visiting times are between 10.00 am to 12 noon and 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
  • Upon arrival, all visitors must complete a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). If the RAT is negative, visitors can proceed to visit.
  • Visits will be limited to 1 hour (once screening process has been completed) to allow time for staff to safely process all incoming visitors.

Blue Gum and Shea Oak Wings

  • Residents are able to freely move within their wing if they are not close contracts or have tested positive to COVID-19.
  • Residents can leave the facility if they test negative for COVID-19 via a RAT and must wear a mask when out with family and friends.
  • One visitor per resident per day between 10.00 am to 12 noon and 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
  • Visitors may be required to wear full PPE as directed by staff.

The Tasmania’s Aged Care Emergency Operations Centre (ACEOC) has booked PCR testing for residents in Blue Gum and Shea Oak (only) for Sunday, 8 May commencing at 10.00 am.

As always, those visitors:

  1. Providing end of life support for a resident at the facility; or
  2. Providing support to a resident who is suffering from dementia or similar condition and the person is required by the operator of the facility to assist in reducing distress or confusion in the resident; may continue to visit at any time with approval of the Facility Manager.

We will continue to maintain regular contact with our residents’ families and provide any further information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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