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Dear Residents, Consumers, Families and Friends,


Last week our CEO Peter Williams talked more generally about our COVID preparedness strategies. This week we would like to share with you how we integrate and promote hand hygiene practices in our facilities here at OneCare. We will also chat about some resident initiatives and finish by showing how you can wash your hands like a healthcare worker!


Hand Hygiene For OneCare Staff

Infection prevention and control have always been a key priority for us while we provide care. Even before COVID became a reality in our day to day life, we had robust hand hygiene training and documentation for our staff.

While general communications around COVID may have had you humming ‘happy birthday’ while you wash your hands, here at OneCare we have always gone an extra step!

Good hand hygiene forms an integral part of our infection prevention training. We train our staff using certified materials from Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA), who support the education of health care workers and provide the resources and services necessary for the implementation of hand hygiene improvement programs. We also undertake additional handwashing training by promoting the WHO certified method of handwashing.


Hand Hygiene For OneCare Residents

Our Leisure and Lifestyle team at Bishop Davies Court in Kingston led a voluntary hand hygiene workshop for our residents (photos below). We received some lovely feedback from the residents who found this informative! We have a wide range of resources available to residents, including staff support and signage throughout our facilities encouraging frequent and thorough handwashing.



Hand Hygiene For You

Would you like to learn to wash your hands like a healthcare worker? The two videos below, published by the World Health Organisation, show with great clarity and detail the way in which one should wash their hands to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. This is the method that is employed by OneCare staff in our facilities.


How To Wash With Soap And Water


How To Use Sanitizer


We hope that we’ve inspired you to think about hand hygiene this week. We’re looking forward to sharing another aspect of our facilities with you next week!

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