COVID 19 News & Updates

COVID 19 UpdateNews
June 29, 2021

Update on Staff COVID Vaccinations

Dear OneCare Family, Amid all the COVID news today, you may have heard the Government’s announcement regarding the mandatory vaccination requirements they will be implementing for all Aged Care staff.…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
June 28, 2021

Update on Recent COVID-19 Outbreaks

Dear OneCare Family, We’ve all been following the developing news regarding the Delta strain COVID-19 outbreaks throughout Australia. With new COVID-19 activity in QLD, NSW, VIC, WA & NT it's…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
April 15, 2021

COVID Vaccine Update

The Australian Government has provided us with some updates on the COVID vaccination rollout. Please see below links to two factsheets provided by the Government to help answer your questions…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
November 19, 2020

COVID TALK, Edition 4 – PPE

Dear Residents, Consumers, Families and Friends,   This week we've all been following the unfortunate news of a new COVID outbreak. After a lengthy period with no community transmission, South…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
November 12, 2020

COVID TALK, Edition 3 – Connecting During COVID

Dear Residents, Consumers, Families and Friends,   We have been very lucky with our situation in Tasmania over the past several months, as we've been able to welcome visitors into…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
November 3, 2020

COVID Talk, Edition 2 – Hand Hygiene

Dear Residents, Consumers, Families and Friends,   Last week our CEO Peter Williams talked more generally about our COVID preparedness strategies. This week we would like to share with you…
COVID 19 UpdateNews
October 27, 2020

COVID Talk, Edition 1 – Opening The Borders

Dear Residents, Consumers, Families and Friends,   As Tasmania's borders begin to open to safe states this week, our community is experiencing some understandable nervousness surrounding this shift to the…
COVID 19 Update
October 23, 2020

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