Consumer Advisory Body

OneCare is establishing a Consumer Advisory Body comprised of people who access our care services, including their representatives and family members. The body will provide direct feedback, and ensure our residents, consumers and representatives have a voice in OneCare’s decision-making process.


Expressions of interest for 2024 are now open until 8th December 2023!

Members will be invited to share their thoughts and opinions about:

Quality of life and service at OneCare facilities

Consumer experience with the OneCare team

Opportunities to improve OneCare services

OneCare’s Consumer Advisory groups are designed to collect meaningful and lived feedback from residents and their loved ones. The feedback generated at these meetings will be provided to the OneCare Board for consideration. The OneCare Board’s Consumer & Marketing Committee will respond with written advice to the Consumer Advisory Body about how their feedback was considered, including addressing the issues raised and making genuine attempts to find solutions and incorporate the views and wishes of consumers into decision-making.

Suggestions and actions raised should be used to provide insight into issues and consumer perspectives on experiences at OneCare residential facilities.

Who can participate?

Each facility will require a minimum of six members to establish a Consumer Advisory Body, with members required to meet at minimum once per year. The selection of members must represent a diverse audience and interaction with OneCare, with preference given to residents over representatives. OneCare welcomes an inclusive Consumer Advisory Body, including those living with a disability and from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

During the first meeting, the frequency, duration, method of meeting will be determined by the group, with members encouraged to meet at their designated residential facility. Expressions of interest to join the Consumer Advisory Body will be circulated state-wide in writing once every calendar year and members can join for one year with the possibility of extension.