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Are We Ready?

As Tasmania prepares to reopen its borders to all Australian states and territories as
well as international visitors, the Tasmanian Government has released a document
called ‘The Roadmap to the Tasmanian Plan to transition our local COVID-19 Response –
From Zero to Living in a COVID-19 Vaccinated Community’, details can be found at
( This plan provides clarity of
travel requirements from the 15th December 2021.

OneCare has continued to work with the Department of Health, industry advocates,
our residents/consumers and staff, and other Tasmanian healthcare services to
prepare for the border reopening. This communication aims to share with you the actions
we have taken in order to keep our community safe. The communication also
provides comment on changes to systems and process that you may see across all
OneCare facilities/services into the near future as part of our preparedness to manage
and live with Covid-19 in our vaccinated community.


Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan
OneCare has a comprehensive Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan that we have
updated regularly over the past 12-18 months. This plan provides clarity on what
action is needed should we see a positive Covid-19 case within our community. Each
facility/service regularly test scenarios within the management plan and continue
with education and training specific to Covid-19 management.


Covid-19 Vaccination
All OneCare employees and volunteers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as
required by the Department of Health. Vaccination boosters are also available for
staff, volunteers and residents.


Health Screening and Check-in
Once the borders re-open, entry screening at each facility/service becomes even
more important to ensure that we are able to contact people quickly if needed.
Please continue to use the OneCare screening process at point of entry and the
Tasmanian Check-in App every time you enter a OneCare facility or utilise a service. Staff,
volunteers and visitors who have any cold or flu like symptoms must not enter the
facility/service as this puts many people at risk.


Workforce Planning
OneCare’s Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan addresses workforce management
and provides direction on how each facility/service will manage any future
workforce challenges associated with Covid-19. Our primary goal is to ensure the
safe delivery of high-quality care to all those living within our community and
who require our services. OneCare continues to strengthen our workforce with the
appointment of qualified and skilled staff across all facilities and services.


Future Actions
OneCare is committed to doing everything possible to manage challenges that may
present as the borders re-open and the possibility of Covid-19 entering into our
community occurs. As the Government roadmap suggests, we now must learn to live
with Covid-19 in a vaccinated community.

From time-to-time, OneCare facilities/services will implement a range of strategies
to strengthen our risk management approach to Covid-19, with the intent to provide
a safe living and working environment for our residents/consumers, visitors, staff,
volunteers and contractors. All changes will be made in consultation with our
Executive and management team. Strategies may include but are not limited to;

  • Changes to facility/service access and entry points
  • Increased use of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and
    gowns for staff/visitors attending unvaccinated residents
  • Increased cleaning of high touch-point areas
  • Increased compliance with health screening and the Check-in process
  • Additional signage and directions for visitors to reduce risk.

Our primary goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all persons who live, work
and visit our facilities or utilise our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak
with the Manager or any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Your support and trust as we navigate the re-opening of the Tasmanian borders and
learn to live with Covid-19 within a vaccinated community is greatly appreciated.

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